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Coffee Soda At Home (Recipe)

I love coffee. Coffee and I have been through a lot together. Coffee is always there, meeting my need for a warm, tasty beverage. Is there anything coffee can’t do?

Well...Yes. Because as much as I love coffee, sometimes I’m in the mood for sweet, crisp, refreshing soda. Soda has been there for me long before I knew coffee.  Soda has been at every childhood (and adulthood) birthday party. Soda has been there for every ill-judged late-night McDonalds visit. Soda is the shoulder-devil to coffee’s shoulder-angel.

What if I could combine coffee and soda into a morally neutral shoulder-being? Would I become unstoppable? Possibly.  

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What is a Coffee Cupping?

If you ever walk by our roastery and hear obnoxious loud sounds of people sipping and slurping, we’re probably in the middle of a coffee cupping session. We cup coffees several times every week to achieve a handful of goals. But before I tell you why we cup, I should at least give you a loose definition of cupping and highlight the process.

So here goes: In the purest form, cupping is the method we use to

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Brew Guide

Brewing coffee at home shouldn't be an intimidating experience. There are many ways to brew great coffee, and we want to help you make a delicious cup of coffee every time.

Below you can browse our Coffee Brew Guide, which explains some of the parameters involved in brewing great coffee. Additionally, we have included several of our recipes for some of our favorite brew methods. You can also also download and save the Brew Guide by clicking the link below. Happy Brewing!

Brew Guide