Colombia - Alvaro Andres Roldan

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Farmer: Alvaro Andres Roldan

FarmFinca La Parcelita

Region: Cauca, Colombia

Cup: Medium-Light Roast. Melon, Milk Chocolate, Floral, Sparkling Acidity

We are excited to bring back this season's crop from Andres in Cauca, Colombia. This is our second years of having the pleasure to purchase Andres' entire coffee production.

Andres owns a 12 hectare farm in southern Colombia, outside of the small town Popayan. You may remember this coffee from the 2018 Best Cup competition.

In 2016 Matt traveled to Neiva, Colombia to participate in the Colombia Best Cup competition. While there he met Andres and immediately formed a relationships. Unfortunately, Andres’ coffee was not available for purchase.

In 2018 Matt traveled to Pasto, Colombia, again to participate in the Colombia Best Cup competition. Andres was also in attendance, and this time his coffee was available for purchase. Andres’ coffee was the second-highest scoring coffee out of several thousand samples, and at auction we payed Andres more than $18 per pound for his coffee.

Andres has been able to invest in new equipment for his farm to improve the quality and efficiency of the coffee processing. Good Folks has partnered Cafe Imports and Banexport in Colombia, to bring Andres into the Farm Select program. In this program, we guarantee to buy all of Andres’ coffee. Because of that guarantee, Andres’ employees earn double the standard rate, in addition to having access to health care benefits.

The Farm Select program also partners local agronomists with Andres, who provide tools such as Brix and pH meters, and scientifically backed agricultural expertise to maximize the quality of his coffee crop. Learn more about the Farm Select program below.