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Good Folks in Colombia - Introducing Rodrigo Sanchez and Finca el Progreso
Rodrigo and parchment

In 2015, Zach travelled to Popayan, Colombia to participate in the Cauca Best Cup competition. While there he met and quickly became friends with an award-winning coffee producer from the Huila region of Colombia, Rodrigo Sanchez. (Read more about Rodrigo's latest award, winner of the Yara Championship here - link is in Spanish)

A few months later, during the spring of 2016, Matt travelled to Neiva, Colombia for the Huila Best Cup competition. Rodrigo was also participating in that event, and offered to take Matt on a tour of his own coffee farm just a couple of hours away from Neiva. 

Not one to shy away from adventure, Matt hopped in the back of the pickup truck, and after a two-hour ride full of beautiful scenery, bumps, and laughter, found himself in the middle of one of Rodrigo's farms, Finca el Progreso. The immaculate, mountainous coffee farm has been run by Rodrigo's family for over 80 years, and is producing delicious, award-winning coffees.

Matt and Rodrigo

Standing in the middle of the coffee trees, Matt and Rodrigo began a Facetime call with Zach, and discussed the possibility of working together during future harvests. The coffees that Rodrigo were producing were very exciting, but even more exciting was the prospect of working with a great guy like Rodrigo.

Over the next several months we regularly Facetimed with Rodrigo, checking in on the progress of the harvest and learning how the changes in the climate have been affecting the growing seasons in Colombia.

Late in the summer of last year, we had a mysterious package arrive at the Good Folks roastery, and to our delight inside we found several pre-shipment sample bags of green coffee from Rodrigo's farms. After sample roasting and drinking every last drop of the delicious coffees, we decided to purchase the entire lot of Caturra from Finca el Progreso. Now the coffee is in our roastery, and we couldn't be happier with our decision.

We are excited to share this coffee with you, and thrilled to be working directly with Rodrigo Sanchez and his family - Good Folks in Colombia.

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