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Insider Louisville - Argo Sons Coffee: Roasting ‘magic’ in a music store on Hurstborne Lane

Their roastery is small and unassuming. Tasting or even smelling this coffee might lead one to believe that such delicate and complex flavors have been forged by elves in the heart of Mount Doom.....The roaster itself has a high gee-whiz factor, looking like a spaceship and an old locomotive steam engine had a baby. If that baby were a Transformer.Argo Sons uses a US Roaster, made in Oklahoma City. It only roasts ten pounds of coffee at a time.To put that in perspective some larger commercial roasters do thousands and thousands of pounds an hour. The small batches allow the Argos (and the Tooill) to focus on the quality of the coffee. The size of the roaster confuses people. Sometimes customers will walk up for a cup of coffee after a music lesson and ask where they Argos roast their coffee....

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